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EC Plug Fans are highly efficient and used in various Air Handling Unit (AHU) applications, combining AC and DC voltages for enhanced performance. EC Plug Fans offer significant benefits, including energy efficiency, variable speed control, reduced noise, and longer lifespan with minimal maintenance. Retrofitted EC Plug Fans can be integrated into existing AHU systems and work seamlessly with building management systems (BMS).

What is an EC Plug Fan?


An EC (Electronically Commutated) plug fan is a type of fan that combines AC and DC voltages, using a brushless DC motor with integrated electronics to provide high efficiency and variable speed control. Unlike traditional AC fans, EC plug fans have built-in inverters that convert AC power to DC, which allows for more precise and efficient motor control. This results in significant energy savings, especially in variable airflow applications where the fan speed can be adjusted according to demand.

What is an EC Plug Fan
The benefits of using EC Plug Fans

What are the benefits of using EC Plug Fans?

Energy Efficiency: EC motors are more efficient than traditional AC motors, often achieving efficiencies above 90%.


Variable Speed Control: Integrated electronics allow for precise speed control, reducing energy consumption to enhance operation of HVAC systems.


Reduced Noise: The optimized design and speed control typically result in quieter operation.


Longer Lifespan: Lower operating temperatures and reduced mechanical wear contribute to a longer lifespan.


Maintenance: EC fans require less maintenance compared to traditional fans.

EC Plug Fan retrofit

How do EC Plug Fans compare to traditional AC fans?

EC plug fans offer several advantages over traditional AC fans, including higher efficiency, better control, and quieter operation. Additionally, they provide the benefit of redundancy, meaning that if one fan fails, others can continue operating, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous airflow. Moreover, EC plug fans often incorporate a fan wall design, distributing air more evenly and efficiently, which can further optimize airflow management in various applications. These features not only result in cost savings over time due to lower energy consumption and maintenance costs but also enhance system reliability and performance.

Where are EC Plug Fans typically used?

EC plug fans are commonly used in a variety of applications and sectors due to their high efficiency, precise control, and reliability.


Air Handling Units (AHUs): EC plug fans are widely used in air handling units to provide efficient and variable speed control of air circulation in HVAC systems. Their ability to adjust airflow based on demand helps maintain indoor air quality and comfort while reducing energy consumption. When used in fan walls or fan arrays within AHUs, they offer redundancy and improved airflow distribution.


HALO HVAC utilise EC Plug fans across various sectors such as, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Educational Institutions, Retail Spaces, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Applications, & Agriculture.

EC Plug Fan Retrofit
EC Plug Fan Retrofit

Can EC Plug Fans be retrofitted into existing systems? 

Yes, EC plug fans can often be retrofitted into existing AHU's and other HVAC systems, offering a seamless upgrade. 


HALO HVAC goes the extra mile to ensure compatibility with the system’s requirements and dimensions. From the initial consultation, where they conduct thorough surveys to understand the specific needs, to delivering the complete job and validating it upon completion.


HALO HVAC renowned for their accreditations & engineering expertise guarantees a smooth transition to higher efficiency and better performance with EC plug fans.

HALO HVAC EC Plug Fan Energy Saving

How do EC Plug Fans achieve energy savings? 

EC plug fans achieve notable energy savings through a combination of advanced features and mechanisms. Firstly, they employ higher motor efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technology to minimize energy waste during operation. Additionally, their variable speed control capability allows precise adjustment of fan speed according to the specific demands of the application, ensuring optimal energy utilization at all times. This dynamic control not only enhances efficiency but also prolongs the lifespan of the equipment.


Furthermore, EC plug fans excel in reducing power consumption at partial loads, a common scenario in many HVAC systems. By scaling down power usage when full capacity is not required, they significantly contribute to overall energy conservation. Moreover, their integration into fan wall or fan array configurations enhances airflow management and distribution, further optimizing system performance while minimizing energy losses.


In summary, EC plug fans achieve energy savings through a multifaceted approach encompassing motor efficiency, variable speed control, power consumption management at partial loads, and integration into advanced airflow management systems like fan walls and fan arrays.

What maintenance is required for EC plug fans?

EC Plug Fan maintenance

EC plug fans stand out for their low-maintenance nature, thanks to their brushless design. Unlike traditional fans, they eliminate the need for frequent AHU maintenance or fan servicing, significantly reducing downtime and associated costs. Instead, simple regular inspections suffice to ensure cleanliness and proper operation, ensuring uninterrupted airflow efficiency. 


This hassle-free approach to maintenance underscores the user-friendly nature of EC plug fans, making them HALO HVACs preferred choice for various applications where reliability and efficiency are paramount. 


What is the typical lifespan of an EC plug fan?

The typical lifespan of an EC plug fan is often longer than that of a traditional AC fan, primarily due to its efficient operation and lower wear and tear on components. EC plug fans utilize advanced technologies such as brushless motors, which reduce friction and mechanical stress, resulting in less wear on critical parts like belts, bearings, and motor components.


Additionally, the precise control offered by variable speed drives in EC plug fans minimizes strain on the motor and other components, contributing to their prolonged operational life. Overall, these factors combined make EC plug fans a durable and cost-effective choice for various ventilation and air circulation applications.

Can EC plug fans be integrated with building management systems (BMS)?

EC Plug Fan BMS

EC plug fans can be seamlessly integrated with building management systems (BMS), offering enhanced control and monitoring capabilities to optimize performance and energy management. By interfacing with BMS, EC plug fans enable sophisticated demand control strategies tailored to specific requirements. 


These strategies leverage the inherent flexibility of EC plug fan technology, allowing precise adjustments to airflow rates based on real-time demand and environmental conditions. Whether it's adjusting fan speed to match varying occupancy levels or modulating airflow to maintain desired temperature and air quality levels, EC plug fans offer unparalleled responsiveness and efficiency. 

EC Plug Fan Wall

What sizes and configurations are available for EC plug fans?

EC plug fans offer versatility in sizes and configurations to cater to diverse application needs. Selecting the right fan for a particular application requires careful consideration of factors such as airflow rate, pressure requirements, and spatial constraints.


HALO HVAC specializes in guiding customers through this selection process, leveraging expertise to ensure optimal fan sizing and configuration for each unique situation. 


By conducting comprehensive assessments of airflow dynamics, space limitations, and performance objectives, HALO HVAC helps clients make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable EC plug fan for their needs. 

Are there any specific installation considerations for EC plug fans?

AHU Refurb Plug Fan Wall Retrofit

When installing EC plug fans, ensure:


Placement and Spacing: Ensure that fans are placed and spaced correctly to avoid airflow interference and ensure uniform distribution.


Electrical Load: Check the electrical load capacity and ensure that the power supply can handle the combined load of all installed fans.


Control Integration: Integrate fans with a BMS or other control systems for synchronized operation and efficient management.


Maintenance Access: Plan for easy access to each fan for maintenance and servicing, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.


Compatibility: Ensure that the fans are compatible with the existing ductwork and ventilation system design.

EC Plug Fan Wall

Can multiple EC plug fans be installed?

Yes, multiple EC plug fans can be installed in various applications to enhance airflow and achieve optimal performance. Here are some key considerations and benefits of installing multiple EC plug fans:


Increased Airflow: Installing multiple EC plug fans can significantly increase the overall airflow capacity, making it suitable for larger spaces or areas with high ventilation demands.


Redundancy and Reliability: Multiple fans provide redundancy, ensuring that ventilation continues even if one fan fails. This is crucial for critical environments such as data centers and clean rooms.


Zoning and Flexibility: Multiple fans allow for zoning, where different areas can be controlled independently based on specific airflow requirements. This flexibility enhances comfort and efficiency.


Improved Efficiency: Using several smaller EC plug fans can be more energy-efficient than a single large fan, especially when combined with variable speed control to match real-time demand.


Load Distribution: The load can be distributed across multiple fans, reducing the strain on any single fan and potentially extending the lifespan of each unit.

Scalability: Multiple EC plug fans offer a scalable solution, allowing for easy expansion of the ventilation system as the needs of the space grow.


Optimized Control: When integrated with a building management system (BMS), multiple EC plug fans can be controlled and monitored collectively, ensuring balanced airflow and optimized energy use throughout the facility.


Noise Reduction: Using multiple fans operating at lower speeds can result in quieter operation compared to a single fan running at full speed, enhancing occupant comfort.

EC Fan Upgrades by HALO HVAC

HALO HVAC AHU Refurbishment Services;



EC Fan Upgrade

Switching to EC fan arrays enhances efficiency, resulting in significant energy and CO2 savings. These fans also provide redundancy in multi-fan setups and require easy maintenance without traditional components like belts and pulleys.


Filters & Air Treatment


Upgrading your filters and housings in line with ISO 16890 can significantly improve IAQ, system pressure drop, and energy consumption, reflecting a commitment to advanced technologies and overall system efficiency.



Replacing worn or damaged coils is essential for restoring optimal performance. Over time, changes in set point parameters may necessitate the installation of new coils that are heat pump ready.



HALO HVAC Dampers in AHU

Replacing or repairing dampers and actuators in damaged areas ensures the restoration of airflow set-points while minimizing pressure drop.



Controls & BMS Mods


HALO HVAC ensure energy efficiency and future adaptability. With seamless integration into Building Management Systems (BMS) our HVAC services provide centralized control guaranteeing a smart, sustainable solution for evolving control needs. 


Mechanical & Electrical  

HALO HVAC provides a comprehensive suite of services as part of an AHU upgrade, specializing in mechanical and electrical  installations for both commercial and industrial settings. 




There is no restriction to the applications that are suitable for AHU refurbishment.

HALO HVAC provides AHU refurbishment across the UK, in almost every sector 24/7.


Data Centre

Commercial Office

Food Industry



Life Science


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