EC Fan Upgrades

EC fan upgrades and retrofits from traditional belt driven fans and motors offers several advantages for HVAC systems. Enhance efficiency with HALO HVAC by upgrading to EC Fans.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

EC plug fans, driven directly by an electric motor, ensure heightened efficiency by eliminating energy losses from belt friction and slippage. EC fans feature variable speed control through EC motors, allowing precise airflow adjustments and reducing energy consumption at optimal speeds. These fans also provide redundancy in multi-fan setup.


In contrast to belt-driven fans, EC plug fans have fewer moving parts, necessitating minimal maintenance and resulting in lower operational costs.  Furthermore, these fans operate with reduced noise levels, especially at lower speeds, making them ideal for environments where noise minimization is essential.

HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade
Cost-Effective Maintenance

There are multiple points of failure with belt driven fans. Such as, belts, pulleys, bearings, anti-vibration mounts and motor problems.


Replacing AHU fans to EC Plug fans eliminate these points of failure, and the need for regular maintenance associated with belt-driven fans, such as belt adjustments and replacements. 


This leads to significant savings in maintenance costs over time. With fewer moving parts, Upgrading to EC fans also reduces the probability of breakdowns, minimizing ongoing maintenance efforts.

 Simplified Installation and Control
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

HALO HVAC make the upgrade to EC fans a straightforward process. We deliver a seamless replacement for existing belt-driven fans, minimizing disruption during installation. Once installed, EC fans can be configured to run at a fixed speed or modulated based on specific requirements. Customized control strategies offer further opportunities for reducing energy consumption.


EC fans compact design facilitates space savings and easier installation, particularly advantageous in limited-space applications. EC (Electronically Commutated) fans are designed with built-in electronics that allow them to operate using DC (direct current) power. As a result, they don't require an additional inverter, which is typically used to convert DC to AC (alternating current) or vice versa.

HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade
Return on Investment (ROI)
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

For individuals managing multiple air handling units (AHUs) or HVAC systems, adopting EC fans presents a compelling opportunity to achieve a tangible return on investment. Emphasizing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs not only leads to substantial long-term savings but also elevates the reliability and performance of the entire system.


Moreover, this transition aligns with a commitment to carbon reduction, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.

HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

Case Study Illustration

A recent air handling unit refurbishment project delivered by HALO HVAC, where we upgraded multiple fans achieved a 26t a year CO2e reduction with an ROI of 2.4 years.

Fan Upgrades with HALO HVAC
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

In summary, embracing EC fans improves energy efficiency, lowers maintenance expenses, and ensures the smooth operation of HVAC systems. 


If you're interested in reaping these benefits, consider exploring the retrofitting to EC Plug fan technology for your air handling units with HALO HVAC.

As HVAC experts, we specialize in providing optimal solutions for your specific needs. That's why we customize our fan selections to accommodate all types of fans from any manufacturer.

EC Plug Fan FAQ's
HALO HVAC EC Fan Upgrade

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of EC (Electronically Commutated) Plug Fans, including their features, benefits, and applications? 


Additionally, would you like to know the most common questions and concerns that customers typically have about EC Plug Fans? 


HALO HVAC provides a comprehensive overview and addresses frequently asked questions. Click below to learn more.

AHU Refurbishment Services Overview;

Mechanical & Electrical  

HALO HVAC provides a comprehensive suite of services as part of an AHU upgrade, specializing in mechanical and electrical  installations for both commercial and industrial settings. 

Controls & BMS Mods


HALO HVAC ensure energy efficiency and future adaptability. With seamless integration into Building Management Systems (BMS) our HVAC services provide centralized control guaranteeing a smart, sustainable solution for evolving control needs. 

EC Fan Upgrade


Switching to EC fan arrays enhances efficiency, resulting in significant energy and CO2 savings. These fans also provide redundancy in multi-fan setups and require easy maintenance without traditional components like belts and pulleys.


Replacing or repairing dampers and actuators in damaged areas ensures the restoration of airflow set-points while minimizing pressure drop.



Replacing worn or damaged coils is essential for restoring optimal performance. Over time, changes in set point parameters may necessitate the installation of new coils that are heat pump ready.

Filters & Air Treatment


Upgrading your filters and housings in line with ISO 16890 can significantly improve IAQ, system pressure drop, and energy consumption, reflecting a commitment to advanced technologies and overall system efficiency.

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