Accelerate towards Net Zero with 

We can tell you the exact energy use in kWh of all or each individual HVAC component and, critically, identify where energy savings can be made.


HALO HVAC take pride in offering a genuine validation process that ensures the HVAC energy upgrades we provide are validated and backed by credible evidence.

We enable HVAC energy upgrades through retrofits, ventilation recovery, demand control, AHU refurbishment, EC fan upgrades, IoT sensors for HVAC, BMS and HVAC automation. We also replace gas boilers with eco-friendly high-efficiency heat pumps.


The HALO HVAC wireless IoT sensor for HVAC energy monitoring sets us apart as specialists in HVAC energy upgrades, Air Handling Unit refurbishment, and EC Fan upgrades with true validations.

On average we enable our customers to reduce HVAC energy consumption by 42.9% 

Why ? 

HVAC energy use in commercial buildings usually consumes anywhere from 40 to 60% of the total energy

Rapidly increasing energy needs, primarily met by fossil fuels, have led to a critical issue - global warming. 


Our relentless pursuit of energy has resulted in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, posing threats to human well-being and ecosystems. 


The key lies in recognizing the importance of energy conservation to protect the environment. HVAC systems consume a large amount of a buildings total energy use.


What we do; 

We reduce your CO2e.   We reduce your energy bills.   We improve effectiveness of your HVAC system.

From large to small HVAC systems, HALO HVAC enables practical steps to reduce HVAC energy use. In doing so, we help to realize numerous different benefits that enables you take decisive action to curtail HVAC energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. 


Delivered project example; Energy Upgrade

HALO HVAC Energy Saving Report

How we do it...

Every application is different. We tailor our services to suit your goals.



We take pride in offering a genuine validation process that ensures the efficiency enhancements we provide are validated and backed by credible evidence. 


An initial assessment is conducted of your HVAC system to identify its condition and energy saving feasibility, including return on investment (ROI). Our surveyors will evaluate the layout, application and internal components within your HVAC system and upon completion a proposal is produced with a list of itemised recommendations a comprehensive scope of works and most importantly we produce an energy saving feasibility report that shows if a substantiated energy saving can be achieved. 

Upon your instruction, we arrange a pre-start meeting with all relevant parties either on site, in the office, or via online to go through site-specifics, programme of works, and component selections. Once manufactured, components are delivered to site, flat packed or pre-assembled ready for installation by HALO HVAC engineers. 

Thermal Transfer Upgrades

Maximizing thermal transfer efficiency for coils is pivotal for optimizing HVAC system performance. Our expertise enables us to replace irreparable coils or employ our affiliate company's patented enzymatic solution for biofilm removal, ensuring peak operational efficiency.

HVAC Energy Monitoring 

Our exclusive wireless IoT sensor for HVAC energy monitoring sets us apart as specialists in HVAC energy upgrades, Air Handling Unit refurbishment, and EC Fan upgrades. We take pride in offering a genuine validation process that ensures the HVAC energy upgrades we provide are validated and backed by credible evidence.

Heat Pump Integrations

Retiring gas boilers in favour of efficient heat pumps for air handling units represents a crucial step towards reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and advancing sustainable heating solutions in alignment with the global push for a cleaner and greener future.

 EC Fan Upgrades

In summary, the energy efficiency of EC plug fans is primarily attributed to the advanced motor technology, variable speed control, soft start/stop features, improved aerodynamics, and integrated electronics making them a better option than convential fans with belts and pulleys.

AHU Refurbishment

HALO HVAC sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive AHU refurbishment solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies. Our holistic approach not only revitalizes systems but also ensures enhanced performance and optimized energy consumption. 

 HVAC Automation

HALO internet of things (IoT) sensors allow you to remotely monitor and control almost any part of a HVAC system. Automatically open or close smart vents, modulate airflow on demand, and accurately predict system degradation and total energy use. 



There is no restriction to the applications that are suitable for HALO HVAC energy upgrades.

We provide services across the UK, in almost every sector 24/7.


Data Centre

Commercial Office

Food Industry



Life Science


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HALO joins BESA. Providing a range of services from training courses & advice to best practice.  This partnership demonstrates our commitment to compliance.

Case Study: This luxury hotel operates 24/7 therefore we delivered this project with zero disruption.

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