Intelligently monitor and control HVAC systems

 HALO HVAC IoT sensors enables real-time monitoring for quick issue resolution, energy efficiency optimization, predictive maintenance and remote control without the huge cost and all the wires.

IOT sensors HVAC Monitoring

 Revolutionize your HVAC system with our state-of-the-art HVAC IoT sensors. Our expert team not only supplies but also installs our advanced weatherproof sensors, ensuring precision in HVAC monitoring air quality, temperature, velocity, humidity, energy and more. 

IOT Monitoring for HVAC

Ultimate Security Measures—Benefit from HALO's exclusive encryption protocols, ensuring the protection of your data during transmission with bank-grade security. click here for more info

IOT Monitoring for HVAC

Multiple Secure Signal Network Options - Achieve signal transmission spanning over 2,000 feet and penetrating through 18 or more walls utilizing HALO IoT sensors and Ethernet Gateways

IOT Monitoring for HVAC

Exceptional Battery Longevity—Enjoy over a decade of hassle-free performance with just 2 AA batteries

IOT Monitoring for HVAC

50+ Dedicated  HVAC Sensors For Every Application

The industry’s broadest line of HVAC wireless IoT sensors will cover your remote HVAC monitoring needs from power & air quality to velocity, humidity, temperature, air pressures and much much more

IOT Monitoring for HVAC


HALO HVAC IoT sensors & software can work independently on mobile & PC, 

or seamlessly integrate to your existing BMS and controls strategy. Compatible with;

IOT Monitoring for HVAC

Sensor Installation
& set up

Our dedicated engineers ensure smooth installation of wireless IoT sensors for HVAC systems, prioritizing efficiency. 

HALO HVAC excels in project management, conducting site surveys, offering expert recommendations, ensuring seamless installations, rigorous testing, and providing annual support across various business sectors. 


The HALO Dashboard

Online monitoring software

The HALO HVAC Dashboard stands at the forefront of innovative climate control management, offering a comprehensive and intelligent solution for buildings. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates advanced technology to provide users with unprecedented control and efficiency in managing their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.



HALO HVAC IoT Sensors for remote HVAC monitoring;

Duct temperature  

Perfect for remote duct temperature monitoring, you can use the HALO HVAC IoT sensors for Duct Temperature for temporary testing or full-time system monitoring. 


Indoor environmental conditions are constantly shifting, but HALO HVAC Wireless IoT sensors for Temperature can track all of the changes. This makes it possible to chart your HVAC system's fluctuating atmosphere throughout your facilities. 

Power Usage 

Fluctuating power consumption often indicates that: a component needs maintenance, is nearing the end of its service life, or an unexpected supply issue. HALO HVAC IoT sensors are ideal for submetering. 20- 500Amps

Air Velocity

It’s important to measure airflow or velocity in an HVAC system to optimize performance, increase energy efficiency and cost savings, and maintain proper airflow rates to ensure occupant comfort. Ideal for before and after AHU refurbishments & EC Fan upgrades.

Differential Air Pressure

A HVAC system's primary purpose is, of course, to push air through a building. HALO HVAC Wireless IoT sensors for Differential Air Pressure helps ensure that it does. 

Air Quality

The air we breathe matters. To ensure the air circulating through your vents and in your buildings is clean and free of pollutants in the form of various particulate matter (PM), you need the HALO HVAC IoT sensor for Air Quality.


HALO HVAC IoT sensors for Humidity remotely monitor RH with a +/- 3% accuracy (between 10–90% RH), temperature, and dew point in facilities or enclosures. If the humidity exceeds your specified limits, these scientific-grade IoT sensors instantly alert you via text, email or call.


HALO HVAC IoT sensors for motion and vibration capture data from machines, processes, and critical infrastructure. When excessive vibration, jarring harmonics, or abnormal motion detected, an alert is issued via text, email, or call.

Open / Close & Access Doors

HALO HVAC Wireless IoT sensors help you remotely monitor door, window, cabinet, or lid status. Get an alert via text, email, or call if something’s been left ajar or accessed when it shouldn’t.

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