Data Security 

HALO HVAC places a strong emphasis on data security in its PoE-X (Power over Ethernet), and MoWi (Wi-Fi) sensors, which are meticulously designed for secure data management. The company employs robust security measures, akin to those used by financial institutions for data transmission, across its infrastructure. From tamper-proof network interfaces to data encryption and bank-grade security, HALO HVAC ensures comprehensive security features from sensors to gateways.


HALO HVAC employs a proprietary sensor protocol with low power and specialized radio equipment for transmitting application data. This protocol prevents wireless devices using open communication protocols from eavesdropping on sensors. The security is further bolstered by packet-level encryption and verification, safeguarding data traffic against alterations between sensors and gateways. Combined with top-notch range and power consumption protocols, HALO HVAC guarantees the secure transmission of all data from devices, providing users with a seamless and worry-free experience.


Sensor communication security 

HALO HVAC's sensor-to-gateway wireless communication ensures security through its encrypted wireless tunnel, Encrypt-RF. This tunnel is established using ECDH-256 (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman) public key exchange, generating a unique symmetric key for each device pair.


 The link-specific key is utilized by sensors and gateways to process packet-level data with hardware-accelerated 128-bit AES encryption. 


This approach minimizes power consumption, thereby enhancing battery life. HALO HVAC takes pride in delivering robust, bank-grade security across all communication levels, thanks to this advanced combination of encryption technologies.


Data security
of the HALO Gateway

HALO HVAC Gateways are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the data stored on the sensors. These gateways operate on a purpose-specific, real-time, and embedded state machine, ensuring they cannot be compromised to run malicious processes. 


Unlike off-the-shelf, multi-function operating systems, HALO HVAC Gateways do not have active interface listeners that could be exploited for network access. The robust design of the gateway not only safeguards your data from potential attackers but also prevents the gateway from being exploited as a relay for malicious programs.


Dashboard Security

The HALO HVAC Dashboard serves as the online software and central hub for configuring your device settings. All data is securely stored on dedicated servers running Microsoft SQL Server. 


Access to the HALO HVAC Dashboard is provided through the user interface, which requires Two-Factor Authentication, or an Application Programming Interface (API) protected by 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) encryption. 


TLS serves as a protective layer, encrypting all data exchanged between the HALO HVAC Dashboard and users. This robust encryption is available to both Basic and Premiere users of the HALO HVAC Dashboard, ensuring the safety and security of your data.

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