Thermal Transfer Upgrades

Maximizing thermal transfer efficiency for coils is pivotal for optimizing HVAC system performance. Our expertise enables us to replace irreparable coils or employ our patented enzymatic solution for biofilm removal, ensuring peak operational efficiency.

HALO HVAC HVAC Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning Technology

Engineered to surpass conventional methods, this innovative solution utilizes enzymatic action to comprehensively clean the entire face of the coil, ensuring optimal performance and longevity while effectively targeting biofilm. 


Unlike traditional methods that often leave residues and fail to reach inaccessible areas, our exclusive technology harnesses the power of enzymes, strategically deployed through controlled airflow. This meticulous process guarantees complete coverage, effectively breaking down contaminants and debris, restoring coils to peak efficiency without compromising integrity. No shut down or disruption to operations.


HALO HVAC HVAC Coil Replace Heating Coil Cooling Coil AHU

Coil Replacement

We offer expert coil replacement services when cleaning isn't enough to restore optimal performance. Whether it's designing new coils to meet updated parameters or matching like-for-like replacements, our specialist engineering team ensure optimal performance and lasting comfort. 


Our expertise extends to retrofitting cooling or heating coils, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your system's needs.

HALO HVAC HVAC Coil Replace Heating Coil Cooling Coil AHU

Complete Solution

Our retrofitting approach addresses the critical need for enhanced thermal comfort while ensuring comprehensive consideration of the entire system's requirements. By integrating advanced cooling coil technology, we not only elevate comfort levels but also prioritize energy efficiency and operational sustainability.


Key aspects of our retrofitting process include meticulous analysis of system dynamics to accommodate the additional pressure drop associated with the new cooling coil. Our team of experts conducts comprehensive assessments to ensure seamless integration, considering factors such as airflow rates, ductwork modifications, and equipment compatibility.


Our commitment to comprehensive and customer-focused solutions lies at the core of everything we do. We understand that each client has unique needs and priorities, which is why we prioritize understanding those needs before crafting our solutions.



Our holistic approach to AHU refurbishment encompasses not only the technical aspects but also factors such as energy efficiency, sustainability goals, and overall system longevity. By considering these factors, we ensure that our refurbishment projects not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.


At HALO HVAC, we use innovative technologies to boost AHU system efficiency. Through smart controls and energy-efficient components, we aim to optimize energy usage, cut operating costs, and support clients in achieving net-zero ambitions.


Our sustainable solutions and commitment to customer value, coupled with contributions to broader sustainability goals, distinguish us in the industry. Choose HALO HVAC for AHU refurbishment to receive tailored solutions for your needs and CO2e reduction goals.

Refurbishment Services Overview;

Mechanical & Electrical  

HALO HVAC provides a comprehensive suite of services as part of an AHU upgrade, specializing in mechanical and electrical  installations for both commercial and industrial settings. 

Controls & BMS Mods

Air Handling Unit Refurb BMS AHU Refurb

HALO HVAC ensure energy efficiency and future adaptability. With seamless integration into Building Management Systems (BMS) our HVAC services provide centralized control guaranteeing a smart, sustainable solution for evolving control needs. 

EC Fan Upgrades


Switching to EC fan arrays enhances efficiency, resulting in significant energy and CO2 savings. These fans also provide redundancy in multi-fan setups and require easy maintenance without traditional components like belts and pulleys.

Air Handling Unit Refurb Damperss AHU Refurb

Replacing or repairing dampers and actuators in damaged areas ensures the restoration of airflow set-points while minimizing pressure drop.



Air Handling Unit Refurb Coils AHU Refurb

Replacing worn or damaged coils is essential for restoring optimal performance. Over time, changes in set point parameters may necessitate the installation of new coils that are heat pump ready.

Filters & Air Treatment

Air Handling Unit Refurb Filters AHU Refurb

Upgrading your filters and housings in line with ISO 16890 can significantly improve IAQ, system pressure drop, and energy consumption, reflecting a commitment to advanced technologies and overall system efficiency.

Clean Room & Labs, Chandlers Ford 

13 Air Handling Units serving a critical manufacturing process and science laboratories, all requiring refurbishments, controls and BMS modifications, delivered in a specific time frame, whilst achieving 26t a year CO2e reduction.

5 Star Hotel, Knightsbridge, London

The belt driven fans within the air handling units at this hotel had failed, resulting in no ventilation to several areas of the building including the toilets and the kitchen. It was imperative that the ventilation was reinstated as a matter of urgency to ensure the Hotel was fully operational & compliant.

Offices. Gracechurch Street, London 

With the building owners advertising for new leases a key objective was to ensure the indoor environment is comfortable and healthy. Over time, the existing AHUs became less efficient, leading to higher energy bills and reduced indoor air quality.

Recent Projects


Conformity & Compliance

HALO HVAC Ltd has passed industry leading conformity and compliance testing, verification, and inspection. Our accreditations highlight our technical competences, reliability, and integrity to provide confidence and trust to deliver our services.


We hold insurances for Contractors All Risk, Professional Indemnity, Employer Liability, Public and Product Liability, and Contract Works. We are members of Constructionline, Building Engineering Services Association, and The Contractors Health and Safety Schemes in Procurement including PAS91 and SSIP.


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Case Study :  13 AHU's  serving a critical manufacturing process and science labs, upgraded and delivered in less than 5 days.

Case Study :  The fans within the AHU's at this hotel had failed, resulting in no ventilation to several areas.

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